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Green, Sustainable, Affordable

Generate and store your own power. Start saving today using clean, eco-friendly energy.

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Making a Difference

Great Savings & Return on Investment

Here at RHSolar, we constantly keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry to deliver high-quality, efficient, and cost - effective solutions for our customers. Our system guarantees longer economic life maximizing your investment.

Safe & Reliable System

RHSolar is committed to upholding local and international safety standards and quality control measures to provide world class services.


Excellent & Quality Service

Our technical team at RHSolar includes experienced engineers and technicians updated with the latest developments in solar technology and related industries.


Our Services

We simplify the process of solar power transition, enabling you to enjoy superior energy service at a more affordable cost.


We design and supply Grid - Tied, Off - Grid, and Hybrid Solar Systems for your home. By generating your own electricity, you can reduce your reliance on traditional energy source & potentially save money on your utility bills over the long term.


RHSolar provides green electricity and immediate savings to your company, increasing corporate sustainability while providing positive image with investors and stakeholders.

Maintenance & Support

RHSolar offers after sales & maintenance services. We provide remotely monitored systems and we conduct training and implementation programs.

Nurturing Future Generation

 RHSolar is committed to create a better tomorrow, a brighter future for the next generation.


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